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Steam drops 6 new free games for November, yours to download and keep

Steam drops 6 new free games for November, yours to download and keep

Steam drops 6 new free games for November, yours to download and keep

To celebrate the arrival of November, Steam is giving players the chance to get their hands on six free games to download and keep. No catch!

First up in the list of freebies is Shell Runner, a PvE top-down looter-shooter set in a cyberpunk dystopian future. As a mercenary, your job will be to infiltrate, assassinate, loot and extract which is easier said than done with killer machines out to kill you. With fast-paced tactical combat, a rags-to-riches story and plenty of gear customisation, the year 2054 is yours to command.

Next is The Jeffy Game, an “outrageously fun” 2D platformer which sees you take on the role of Jeffy himself. In classic platformer fashion you will need to run, jump and leap your way to victory as well as defeat the evil green beans and collect the occasional cereal box.

Drift.Wav is next and the driving game will make you as relaxed as you are competitive with a synthwave inspired aesthetic. Try and drift your way to the top of the leaderboard with up to ten cars to choose from and even a built-in soundtrack so you can cruise along the highway in style.

Office Fight will let you live out your darkest desires by becoming a ghost and causing chaos in your office building. Possess items, start brawls and seek revenge for the Mega-corp firing you as you get stuck into this dark humour simulation game.

Next up is Beyond Hanwell, a psychological horror that welcomes you into The Royal Hallamshire hospital. Once there, you will have to fight to survive with a dual control melee combat system and a terrifying non-linear experience. Featuring a dynamic environment, every playthrough will be unique and offers up the chance to replay as many times as you can stomach.

Last but certainly not least is Monster Hide, a survival horror game that sees you play the role of the monster. Fight with other players in PvP mode or go it alone and take down the humans who threaten to kill you. Additionally, different game modes offer up the ability to strategize and coordinate your attacks against the waves of murderous zombies.

All of these titles are available now for free via Steam for PC.

Featured Image Credit: Steam

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