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Steam 36 free game giveaway has plenty for you to choose from

Steam 36 free game giveaway has plenty for you to choose from

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If you're looking for something new and interesting to play, I might just have the very thing for you: a big ol' list of 36 games that you can download and keep completely free, no subscription needed.

Oh yes, my handsome friend, at the time of writing there are currently 36 new games you can download and keep forever via Steam.

These free games range from the bizarre to the genuinely great, and while they may be indies and not AAA hits, you're sure to find some new games for your PC.

You can take a look at the 36 new free games on Steam below!

  • Auto Sale Life - Get out of prison and build your own automotive empire. It's like the Swiss Tony game I never new I needed.
  • 100 KILLS CHALLENGE - A first-person shooter that aims to replicate the feeling of playing classic Call Of Duty. I cannot say that it succeeds in that endeavour.
  • The Monarch: First Light - An incredibly cute looking tower defense game.
  • Atan - A shockingly beautiful platformer in which you scale a giant colossus.
  • Deck Of Delirium - A cute roguelike deckbuilding game.
  • AC Sailing - A sailing simulator. But with no pirates. Booo.
  • Inline: Out Of Time - 2D Crazy Taxi vibes from this one.
  • Hellwatch - A gritty post apocalyptic beat 'em up.
  • Holo X Break - "Gear up with all sorts of equipment and items in this action packed beat-em-up."
  • Zoo Simulator: Prologue - We bought a zoo.
  • Ruiga Pirates: First Survivors - Looks an awful lot like Vampire Survivors, if that's what you're into.
  • Rise Of Koreth - If you like Dark Souls, you'll certainly recognise that this game was influenced by Dark Souls.
  • Project Apidom - An extraction RPG to join the leagues of others popping up recently.
  • Firestone - An idle RPG with some chill vibes.
  • Veiled Tales - Make important decisions while exploring the mountains.
  • AX: Portal Slayers - Find axes, throw axes in enemies' faces.
  • Atman: Rebel Flame - A slick cyberpunk deckbuilder.
  • Speedway Challenge 2024 -Dirtbike racing sim action.
  • Morph! - Kinda like Prop Hunt from Call Of Duty.
  • GOT Simulator - Destroy a city. Sounds therapeutic.
  • .Forty-Five - A Western deckbuilder rougulike that looks pretty rad.
  • Unreal Physics - A sandbox designed to let you play around with various physics systems.
  • Metal Beans - A colourful arcade multiplayer romp.
  • Redacted - First-person zombie survival. Doesn't look brilliant, but maybe you'll get something from it.
  • Space Hat- A fast-paced sci-fi FPS with some positive reviews, there’s even some light platforming for those who like shooters where you’re always on the go.
  • Farmer's Father: The Origins- A brief prologue to the full game that lasts an hour, where the player must survive whilst endure and manage fatal wounds, illness, hunger, etc.
  • JAPP: Just Another Precise Platformer- A challenging 2D platformer that can only be controlled with your mouse
  • Merk Mayhem- A basic multiplayer shooter for casual and competitive players, where precision and movement matter.
  • Emil: A Hero's Journey - Prologue- Prologue to a “cinematic puzzle-platformer” about a child called Emil who’s looking for his father.
  • Rise Of The Overlords- Multiplayer deck-building game set in a fantasy world, not much else to say about it than that.
  • Motorbike Evolution 2024- An MMO and a racing game, an odd combination but according to the reviews it works quite well
  • Palia- A lovely little game where you’re let loose in a valley and left to your own devices to explore, craft, fish and more.
  • Charrua Soccer - Mirror Edition- A classic soccer game
  • Age of Water: The First Voyage- Set sail across the deep blue sea where you’ll fight, plunder, trade and survive the harsh conditions and creatures that lurk below the surface.
  • Deceit 2- A mystery game very similar to Among Us, where the objective is to figure out who the imposter is.
  • Forest Ranger Simulator - Apprenticeship- A simulation game where you’re a forest ranger, if that’s your cup of tea.
  • Battle Room Beta- Go to war as a miniature hero and do battle in people’s living rooms.

Featured Image Credit: Valve

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