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Steam: 34 free games available to download and keep in massive giveaway

Steam: 34 free games available to download and keep in massive giveaway

There's bound to be something for everyone.

Do you like video games? Okay, cool. Do you like free video games? Of course you do, that’s a really silly thing to ask. Anyway, you’re in luck, because Steam is offering plenty of those right now.

In recent weeks, Steam has been overflowing with brand new, totally free games to play on PC. It’s genuinely been rather difficult to keep up with them all, but that’s why we’re here now for a roundup of all of the Steam freebies that you might have missed. You might want to grab a cup of tea for this.

Take a look at the trailer for the free-to-play battle simulator, Temtem Showdown, right here.

  1. Edemn - a nostalgic FPS game featuring skeletons reanimated by ancient magic.
  2. Bucket Brawl: Ahlman Edition - an arena fighting game which sees toy animals battling to the death to avoid being recycled.
  3. Anyu - a narrative exploration game set in a frozen wasteland.
  4. Undawn- an open-world survival RPG set in a post-apocalyptic world teeming with infected people.
  5. Solar Showdown - a multiplayer tower defence and real time strategy game in which players face off to harvest as much solar power as possible.
  6. The Stranded Traveler - a retro-style side-scrolling adventure set on a mysterious island.
  7. Let’s School: Homeroom - experience the first two in-game weeks of the upcoming school-building simulation game, Let’s School.
  8. Survival & Horror: Hangman's Rope Prologue - check out the beginning of the first-person horror shooter and explore a cursed Wild West town.
  9. The Archipelago Promise - an open-world survival game in which you - playing as a sailor - must find your lost brother.
  10. War Gun - a multiplayer FPS with a variety of maps and weapons.
  11. Downbass Warriors: Heroes of Maydamn - also a multiplayer FPS, but this one is currently in early-access.
  12. Home Sweet Home: Online - a multiplayer 4v4 horror battle game in which opposing teams must collect as many souls as possible.
  13. Divided Skies - an open-world flight adventure game set in a futuristic Mumbai.
  14. Raw Nerve - a “weird and wild” driving sandbox game set in “a psychedelic galaxy”.
  15. S.P.L.I.C.E.D. - a 3D side-scrolling Metroidvania which takes place in a gorgeous biopunk Chinatown.
  16. Snotty’s Sewer - an indie horror in which players have to outrun a children's TV character in an abandoned sewer.
  17. A Bad Day For A Hangover - a survival game featuring one hungover guy attempting to defeat a town of killer robots.
  18. Galactic Grinder - a side-scrolling skateboarding game set in outer space.
  19. Spy Rumble - a multiplayer social deduction game that’s basically Among Us but with spies and secret agents instead of imposters and crew mates.
  20. Abathor - Atlantis Landing - a 2D retro arcade-style action platformer for up to four players.
  21. BREACH - a PvP action game inspired by the GunZ series.
  22. Temtem Showdown - a Pokémon-like multiplayer turn-based battle simulator.
  23. Doomsday: Last Survivors - a zombie tower defence game with real-time strategy elements.
  24. Dust and Aliens - a FPS roguelite game in which the player - a cowboy - must take on waves upon waves of aliens.
  25. Monsters Domain: Prologue - experience the beginning of the upcoming action roguelite and build up your monstrous defences to stop travellers from entering your domain.
  26. Spiritle - a strategic digital board game with a gorgeous illustrated art style.
  27. Soccer Kids - a turn-based tactical soccer game in which you - a teenage maths whizz - must help your friends win a street soccer tournament.
  28. Swelter - a mod for Half-Life 2 which adds a brand new story set years before the events of the game.
  29. Monster Racing League - a cute multiplayer racing game with a huge focus on combat and blasting your opponents off the road.
  30. World Boss - a multiplayer FPS free-for-all with loads of different play-style options.
  31. Miners Settlement - a pixel art RPG full of dungeons to explore, dragons to defeat and areas to explore.
  32. Home Designer Makeover Blast - a puzzle-solving game in which players take on the role of a home designer fulfilling requests for clients.
  33. Train Operator 377 - a train simulation game which lets players experience one of the “UK’s oldest and most enchanting railways” from the driver’s seat.
  34. [E]ISLAND HOP - play as a cube attempting to escape from a bay by creating ice blocks and bouncing between islands.

There we have it. Out of all those games, there’s bound to be something for everyone. If not though, 453 games are available to play via PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium right now - take a look at them all here.

Featured Image Credit: Valve

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