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Starfield players livid that every child NPC is the same model

Starfield players livid that every child NPC is the same model

Starfield players livid with child NPCs using same model

Despite its record-breaking success, Starfield is still receiving mixed opinions and this time the focus has shifted to the seemingly familiar children that inhabit the worlds.

Set in a world (or worlds) with infinite possibilities and the ability to explore over 1,000 planets, Starfield is massive in scale. With some planets being void of any human life and others featuring bustling settlements, Bethesda had its work cut out with populating the universe.

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However, it seems they might have missed the mark with some of the game’s children population. Despite the adults being seemingly unique and diverse, the same can’t be said for the younger generation who all bear a striking similarity to each other.

Spotted by Reddit user nicholasthehuman, at least three of Starfield’s children look alike. If they were just NPCs, it would be forgivable but the three children in question are part of the game’s huge amount of side quests. Cora Coe, Annie Wilcox and Sana all share the same skin tone, body type and even hairstyle, with their clothing being the only thing setting them apart. For nicholasthehuman, this was enough to be “immersion breaking”.

The Reddit user also pointed out that the three also share a similar voice despite seemingly being voiced by different actors. It raises the question as to why they had to look exactly alike despite playing key roles in certain missions. This is even more of a concern considering Sona and Cora can be on your ship at the same time (although they seemingly don’t communicate with each other despite each longing for a child companion).

However, long-term Bethesda fans are used to this considering the majority of children in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim were copied and pasted. What became something of a meme in the Skyrim community has seemingly carried over into Starfield so you have got to wonder whether Bethesda did this intentionally. This would make sense considering the rest of their newest RPG is packed with detail.

With modders releasing hundreds of mods daily, including a recent pronoun removal mod which ended up getting removed itself, we could soon see the children get a makeover. For now, we will just have to give them badges to tell them apart.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda

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