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Starfield player finds planet that's basically an XP farm

Starfield player finds planet that's basically an XP farm

Starfield player finds planet that's basically an XP farm

What do we want? XP! When do we want it? Preferably now but I guess I don’t mind travelling to a different planet to get it. Luckily for Starfield players, a fellow spacefarer has discovered one planet that rewards a whole lot of XP for those who don’t mind a bit of murder.

Starfield is the latest Bethesda RPG that sees players explore thousands of planets, take down space pirates and stumble across the occasional NSFW alien. With levelling up granting you with extra perk points, earning XP is pretty important and although it can be earned in many ways, who doesn’t like a bit of farming?

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Luckily for said farmers, one Reddit user has shared their secret, and that secret is known as the Schrodinger III planet. You may not find any cats there but you will find a goldmine of XP earned by setting up an outpost and harvesting kills. In the Reddit post, we see the player stand on top of their ship overlooking the planet before getting to work on shooting down the creatures minding their own business. During this slaughter, the player manages to rack up thousands of XP which sees them level up in just a matter of seconds.

Despite many actions being considered criminal in Starfield, luckily wiping out an entire species of animal isn’t, and you won’t be penalised. The criminal system is something that our very own Kate spoke about during her glowing review.

“You can, if you want to, commit a variety of crimes within Starfield’s vast galaxy. Whether you get away with those crimes or not is totally up to how stealthily you commit them,” she wrote. “May I offer a lesson though? Don’t throw a grenade in a public space, something I accidentally learnt the hard way. Without thinking, I pressed RB instead of LB, which launched a grenade in the centre of Neon and did not open my scanner as intended. I soon had an entire army shooting me and it’s not an experience I’ll be recreating any time soon. I squatted, hiding in a corner screaming, ‘I don’t want to go to space jail.’

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda

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