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Starfield gets massive free download, available now

Starfield gets massive free download, available now

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Starfield has only just released in early access, but the game's first major free download is already available for all the lucky girls and boys out there.

Yep, Starfield launched around the word for certain fans last night, despite some brief issues. Bethesda's new RPG has gotten some seriously great reviews so far, including a GAMINGbible 10/10. It's also, sadly, gotten lower scores from other outlets. But hey, a broad range of opinions is a good thing and if you harass someone for giving a game a 7/10 then I believe from the bottom of my heart you shouldn't ever be allowed to interact with other human beings until you grow up.

Anyway, take a look at our Starfield review below!

While we still have a long time to wait for most of Starfield's major mods (the game did just come out, after all), one major download is currently available for free. Notably, it replaces FSR 2.0 with Intel XeSS and Nvidia DLSS 2 - a big win for PC gamers.

You can grab this mod from PureDark here, and follow the necessary steps to enable DLSS support and upscale your Starfield experience accordingly.

However, it's worth noting that this free download comes with a large caveat: PureDark has become something of a controversial modder on the scene, with many warning gamers to stay away from his mods. It's not that they'll break your game or PC or anything like that, but they have locked mods behind paywalls in the past.

While that in itself isn't a huge issue (modders should have the right to charge for their work if they want), PureDark has forced customers to pay more each time there's an update for a game.

So, while this first Starfield mod is free, we don't for sure whether or not PureDark will choose to lock further updates for it behind a payment scheme. Just proceed with caution, basically.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda

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