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Stardew Valley fan discovers game-changing new trick for managing your storage

Stardew Valley fan discovers game-changing new trick for managing your storage

Years after release, a Stardew Valley fan has discovered a new storage trick

While fans of Stardew Valley are currently exploring the latest update for the game, one fan has found an ingenious way to easily move items from one storage location to another, and it could completely change how you play.

Over on Reddit, a fan pointed out that if you have a big chest in your inventory, you can easily swap over everything really well.

Take a look at Stardew Valley in action below.

"If you're holding a big chest, you can swap it for a small chest, and all the contents of the small chest will automatically move over," Reddit user strangebutalsogood noted.

This cuts out a lot of steps that players previously had to go through, as before this, they had to collect the items from the chest, break the chest, make a new chest, then put all of the items that you took from that chest into the new chest, taking up time that could be spent doing something else entirely.

It is worth noting that this new feature only works in the newest Stardew Valley update, Stardew Valley 1.6. That update is actually only available on PC currently, since the newest update is the update that actually added the big chest item to the game in the first place.

Stardew Valley creator ConcernedApe wrote on X (formally Twitter) the following: "I know that the console and mobile players are eager to play 1.6, and I am doing everything within my power to have the ports ready as soon as possible. The ports require extra work beyond the PC version. There is also another patch for PC underway which is mainly some bug fixes."

It's likely that this new feature will work on console and mobile versions of the game once it has been updated, but it's currently a complete unknown as to when that update will actually be coming, though it's more than likely happening at some point within the next few months.

Featured Image Credit: ConcernedApe

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