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Stardew Valley meets Palworld in adorable new Steam game

Stardew Valley meets Palworld in adorable new Steam game

Cutesy crafting incoming

Survival games are a blockbuster genre right now and it seems like every day a new one pokes its head out. It’s no surprise given the accessible entry into many of them, creating a game that is easy to be sucked into.

Omega Crafter looks to be taking inspiration from several games - we see some Palworld and Stardew Valley in here - to create something that looks simple on the surface but hides a clever and complex feature to set the game apart from the competition.

Palworld has taken the world by storm which will hopefully lead to more players trying survival games

This game takes place in an “under-development game world that is being attacked by a mysterious program.” This means that you have to protect the game’s code from being exploited and save the day; a little different from your usual adventure plots.

Played solo or co-op, Omega Crafter is an open-world survival game based on exploration, harvesting materials, and battling tough enemies. While that may sound like every other survival game out there, one thing is very different: your in-game companion, Grammi. This little guy is a robot who can be programmed to perform specific tasks by running command code. You’ll pick from a list of commands to program Grammi’s actions, like harvesting a material and then dropping it off.

This will surely appeal to younger players who want to play around with the idea of coding on a basic level. Combining this with bright and colourful visuals, as well as simple survival mechanics could make Omega Crafter a big hit.

Aside from the usual building and farming, there are lots of dungeons to explore, filled with bosses and minions guarding unique treasures and items valuable to your adventure. The action appears to be delightfully over-the-top with an enjoyable flair. You can even program Grammi to fight alongside you. On the whole, Omega Crafter looks like another great survival game to watch out for.

Featured Image Credit: Pocket Pair Inc, Preferred Networks

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