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Stardew Valley is 'one of the best games ever made', fans agree

Stardew Valley is 'one of the best games ever made', fans agree

Fans of the role-playing and simulation game Stardew Valley are hailing it as 'one of the best games ever made'

While slaying a tough-as-nails Elden Ring boss or ranking up in a Call of Duty game can be fun, sometimes it’s nice to sit back and relax with something more peaceful, like Minecraft, Animal Crossing: New Horizons or what fans are calling “one of the best games ever made”, Stardew Valley.

Releasing in 2016, the simulation and role-playing game takes players to a quiet little farm town and gives them the freedom to make their own story. It’s got all the usual bells and whistles, crafting, farming, interacting with NPCs, fishing, etc, and has received loads of free updates since its launch, adding tonnes of new content.

Players have put hours and hours and hours of their time into building up their farm and exploring everything the game has to offer, culminating in a wholesome post of the official Stardew Valley subreddit.

User VelociLeo2 created a post stating: “I think Stardew Valley might be one of the best games ever made” and praising it for the “INSANE” amount of in-game content, its “cheap price-tag” and the fact it “doesn’t have any microtransactions”, which kind of makes me sad that the bar for video game quality has dropped that low…

Regardless, the post received an outpouring of appreciation and agreement from fellow Stardew Valley enjoyers, who also adore just how massive the game actually is.

Remarkable-Low-7588 said: “When it first came out, I was drawn to it because it reminded me of my favourite childhood game harvest moon on snes. I absolutely love this game still to this day. It will always have a special place in my heart”

NimanderTheYounger followed suit, saying: “Every time someone asks for a game recommendation SDV is my response. Doesn't matter who I am talking to.”

Ernest-Longfellow also shared their experience with the game: “My lockdown game. Sunk hours into it. Amazing game, so much to discover and do.”

What else can be said? Stardew Valley is just a feel-good game that can be enjoyed by anyone on PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch. It’s also a great way to unwind after a frustrating losing streak online or offline...

Featured Image Credit: ConcernedApe

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