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Star Wars: Deathtroopers is a full-on survival horror you can play free now

Star Wars: Deathtroopers is a full-on survival horror you can play free now

Zombie Star Wars

You could make the argument that zombies improve everything. They certainly tip everything you know on its head. This is exactly the case with this fan-made game based on the Star Wars universe.

There isn’t a survival horror in the Star Wars canon and that’s a shame. Considering the galaxy is so vast, you would expect there to be some pretty scary situations that players could find themselves in. So, fixing that issue is this demo available on Star Wars: Deathtroopers essentially merges Star Wars with Dead Space.

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Player feedback for this survival horror is generally positive. After all, it’s an interesting spin on the sci-fi classic. What would you do if stormtroopers became zombies? Suddenly the galaxy’s most useless soldiers become a real threat. If you watch through the trailer on the Itch page, you’ll spot an undead Darth Vader which is particularly creepy and honestly, we dig it.

Players who have tried out the game are singing its praises saying things like “love the concept” or “This demo is REALLY dope”. It shows there’s a lot of scope for the franchise that fans would eat up if they had the chance. Whether Disney would allow for a more mature game focusing on an even darker side of the dark side is unlikely, but at least if these fan projects manage to hold on, it gives us fans a new experience.

Even without zombies, a Dead Space-style game with creepy aliens and looming danger would fit the franchise well. A lone rogue smuggler or young Jedi having to take on lurking danger would be amazing. For now, we can live with the zombie Stormtroopers, though it poses the question, if they’re wearing their helmets can they chomp through it to get to our brains? Otherwise, you could feel pretty safe, no?

Featured Image Credit: Disney

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