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Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection free download available now

Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection free download available now

Freshly prepared to do battle

Fans of classic Star Wars experiences can download, for free, Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection.

This isn’t exactly new information, we know. However, what is less well known is that a new update is now available.

The collection has been out for a couple of months now, and with it has come a plethora of bugs that players have fervently complained about.

Are you ready for some more Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection?

It was meant to be a shining, joyous moment, but instead, when Battlefront Classic Collection launched, it left fans heartbroken.

Since then, the developers have worked to iron out as many of the issues as possible.

Whether all the hard work has fully paid off is uncertain, as the updates keep rolling out – like this most recent free download for Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection.

This is “update III”, should you be keeping count.

Across all platforms, there’s plenty of fixes provided, alongside hardware specific solutions as well; as detailed on the Aspyr website.

Here’s a brief look at some of the changes made, should you be ready to fight for the galaxy once more:

  • Made improvements to server stability
  • Fixed an issue where a loud sound would occasionally play during matches
  • Fixed various issues with the game crashing unexpectedly
  • Fixed several bugs regarding UI and text
  • Fixed an issue in split screen where first-person zoom had a distortion effect applied to one player
  • Fixed several graphical issues across both games
  • Fixed an issue where players could not spawn with award weapons and bonuses after reaching Legendary rank on the associated medal
  • Fixed an issue where Award weapons and bonuses could be unlocked prior to reaching the required Veteran rank
  • Fixed an issue where L3 and R3 would not be swapped after enabling the "Swap LS and RS" option
  • Fixed an issue where Custom Campaign options could not be changed in split screen conquest mode

The above is by no means the full extent of this update; for those who want the full details, head to the website to learn more.

Hopefully, the game will run much smoother now. If it doesn’t, though, there’s always the game of our dreams that is Star Wars Battlefront 3: Legacy.

The latest Battlefront Classic Collection update is now live.

Featured Image Credit: Aspyr

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