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Splinter Cell Battle Royale nobody asked for appears online

Splinter Cell Battle Royale nobody asked for appears online

An unreleased/cancelled Splinter Cell battle royale game has seemingly been revealed by an alleged playtester

An unreleased/cancelled battle royale game based around Ubisoft’s Splinter Cell series has seemingly been revealed by an alleged playtester for the game.

Information surrounding the supposed game, titled Splinter Cell: Hunters, was shared by a user on 4Chan, who claimed to have been a playtester for the game in 2022, implying that the project is either severely delayed or was cancelled.

The 4Chan post was eventually deleted, but a screenshot was shared by Reddit user DudeWithName on the GamingLeaksAndRumours subreddit.

The anonymous playtester described the game as a “third-person PvPvE” game that would see players partner up in duos as spies from the Splinter Cell series. Players would choose a class and traverse an area with the objective of eliminating high-value targets, capturing caches and exfiltrating with their partner.

Other duo teams would have the same objectives, meaning all teams would presumably be competing to accomplish the mission first.

Along the way, the spies could raid heavily fortified outposts, crawling with AI armed to the teeth, and capture more effective weaponry to take out targets.

Abilities would also come into play, such as Blackout which would disable all lights in an area for a limited time, as well as Cloak which would render the user invisible. These abilities would be tied to levels, which would increase during the game after completing objectives or taking down AI, strengthening the ability, or prolonging its use.

Players would also have another chance of victory if they died, as it’s reported that upon death, a spy would return as a mercenary, losing the many perks spies have (such as more traversal options) but becoming more difficult to kill. Killing an enemy spy would then allow that player to become a spy again, granting another go at getting the mission done.

Splinter Cell: Hunters does sound intriguing, to say the least, and while a battle royale isn’t the most original idea, Ubisoft’s lack of news on the Splinter Cell franchise begs for the franchise to return sooner rather than later. This is especially needed after Splinter Cell: VRs cancellation, and brief snippets of news regarding the Splinter Cell (2002) remake.

Featured Image Credit: Ubisoft

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