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Spider-Man Is Officially The Most Popular Superhero In The World

Spider-Man Is Officially The Most Popular Superhero In The World

Thanks to new research conducted by Zavvi, we know which superheroes have the most fans across the world, and there's one clear victor.

Happy National Superhero Day! Yes, that’s actually a thing, in case you didn’t know (I can’t say I did until five minutes ago). Whether you’re celebrating with a Marvel movie night or some high-level cosplay (or nothing at all, if you didn’t know it was happening) it’s a great day to nerd out over the heroes we all know and love. 

Depending on who you asked, you’ll almost certainly get a different answer to that all important question - who’s the best one? If you asked me, I’d say Spider-Man any day of the week, and apparently I’m far from the only one who thinks that, because it’s been revealed that he’s officially the most popular superhero in the world. 

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These findings come from an actual, proper study conducted by Zavvi, who looked at the average amount of Google searches each superhero got per month for the last year. After running the numbers, the web-slinging lad came out very comfortably on top, with a whopping average of 5,100,000 searches every month.

But how did the other heroes fare? The caped crusader Batman came in second, with a very respectable 3,400,000 average monthly searches, followed by Superman with 2,000,000. Right behind him is Captain America with 1,900,000 searches, with the Hulk securing himself in fifth place with 1,800,000 searches.

It’s perhaps not too surprising that Spider-Man and Batman did so well, when you consider we had both The Batman and Spider-Man: No Way Home release in cinemas in the last few months, to overwhelmingly positive reception - Zavvi notes that it’s specifically thanks to Tom Holland’s interpretation of the hero that he’s managed to swing into the top spot. 

Personally, I’m just here wondering how many of those millions of searches were all made by the guy who watched No Way Home in the cinema 292 times. If someone has the dedication to do that, you’d imagine they’d also have the time to do a healthy amount of Google searches. I mean, the concept is frankly very concerning, but whatever makes you happy, right?

Featured Image Credit: Marvel, DC, Zavvi

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