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Sony Quietly Pulls The Plug On The PlayStation 3 For Good, Here's Why

Sony Quietly Pulls The Plug On The PlayStation 3 For Good, Here's Why

Sony is trying to end the beautifully backwards compatible PS3 and we all wonder why.

Sherlock Holmes style gaming detectives might have been able to link together the red strings of conspiracy for a while now. When the PlayStation 5 was first promised we were hopefully told that the console would support Sony's long legacy of great games. However, like many promises before it, it launched unfulfilled, only capable of playing PS4 titles.

However, the cogs started turning at the beginning of 2022, when Sony created a patent for backwards compatibility to come to PlayStation consoles. Then just a week later PlayStation 3 games started showing up on the PlayStation Store. Sony fans may remember that the company redesigned the website to remove PS3, Vita and PSP games last year. In fact it tried to shut down the former two stores entirely, but rolled back the decision following the backlash.

Many of PlayStation Classic titles are playable on Vita, and other games like Uncharted Golden Abyss remain exclusive to the console. Check it out below.

Now we're this far down the rabbit hole, step with me a little further. People may remember that the PS3 and Vita were remarkable for their backwards compatibility. The PS2 is the best selling console of all time and had thousands of fantastic games. All PS3s were capable of playing physical media for the PS1 and some could play PS2. This is while both PS3 and Vita storefronts have a "classic" selection with hundreds of PS1, PS2 and PSP titles available. Essentially, as long as these consoles are still going there is an easy way to play legacy titles.

So the PlayStation 5 is receiving increased backwards compatibility which is a huge part of Spartacus - PlayStation's future rival to Xbox Game Pass - which is rumoured to focus on Sony's older titles. Now, as spotted by VGC via PlayStation Japan's Twitter, the company will no longer be fixing PlayStation 3 consoles after 30 April 2022. This means once your PS3 breaks down that's it, it's gone.

Now to some this may seems like the logical conclusion to a console which released in 2006, but if you would kindly tighten the tin foil around your head for a moment. It seems probable that Sony is attempting to murder the PS3 in cold blood, forcing those who want to play older games to join the Spartacus subscription service and pay them every month.

That of course, is only a theory.

Featured Image Credit: Sony/Activision

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