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Some fans already have access to EA's Iron Man game

Some fans already have access to EA's Iron Man game

I am Iron Man

Motive Studios has moved on from their recent Dead Space remake and are now tackling Iron Man, a game based on the Marvel superhero that is currently in pre-production. The game is in very early stages and being built in Unreal Engine 5.

In order to create a better game, Motive Studios has brought on a 'Community Council' which is made up of Marvel fans, Iron Man fans and, we assume, fans of recent superhero games.

Iron Man has been a fixture of Marvel Comics for decades and has spawned film and games.

Speaking recently, general manager of Motive Studios Patrick Klaus gave some updates on the game saying that the Community Council's goal is to "get feedback throughout development." He touched upon the opportunity to work on "another extraordinary property" and mentions that the studio is "taking [our] time to make sure we set the best possible foundation for development."

The studio used a similar council with Dead Space in order to receive "feedback on pretty much everything throughout the development process." Fans can start getting excited as it looks like these early steps are going well. Klaus explained further, how the community council are helping, saying, "Already, we're finding so many opportunities to explore story, design and gameplay with Iron Man, and it's exciting to see the fantasy start coming alive."

Iron Man has not only appeared in several MCU films, but also plenty of video games. Most recently we've seen the billionaire superhero in a VR adventure and as a member of the team for Marvel's Avengers, which was recently shuttered and pulled from sale.

It seems the game is in good hands; Motive did a great job with Dead Space, they have fans to give feedback and a senior writer on the team, Ashley Cooper, has already worked within the comic book sphere previously.

Featured Image Credit: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, EA

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