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Skyrim players stunned by 'sprawling' hidden dungeon you've probably never seen

Skyrim players stunned by 'sprawling' hidden dungeon you've probably never seen

Skyrim players are recommending the best 'secret' areas they've stumbled across, including an enormous dungeon.

Oh Skyrim, our beloved friend. It’s a real testament to everything that Bethesda achieved with this game that well over a decade on from its release, we’re still deriving just as much joy as we did back when it was launched.

We’re all patiently, or perhaps impatiently, waiting for The Elder Scrolls VI. It’s a well known fact though that it’s quite a way off from release. The developers at Bethesdaan are still hard at work supporting Starfield. Later this year, the Shattered Space expansion will drop plus we know that new features are being worked on like city maps. The elephant in the room is that there’s also that rumoured PlayStation port following the latest Xbox strategy debacle. It’s going to be quite some time until The Elder Scrolls VI becomes the main focus for Bethesda. In the meantime, we’ll just have to keep replaying Skyrim and as it happens, one fan has just made an incredible discovery whilst doing just that.

Can you believe that it was 2018 when Bethesda first dropped the reveal trailer for The Elder Scrolls VI? Take a look below.

Reddit user TheOriginalWeirdo took to the site to ask for some secret areas they could check out on an upcoming playthrough. It was cjdoyle14 who responded with, “Not sure where it is, but there is one of the biggest (don’t quote me) dungeons in the game underneath a hut in the woods. I BELIEVE [it] to be in the Falkreath Woods, but I’m not positive. I know that it exists though.” While the user was off with a few of the details, hence the ‘don’t quote me’, I have done just that because it’s an excellent shout.

What cjdoyle14 is talking about is Pinewatch. As etmide added, “It’s literally 20 yards from Lakeview Manor if you have Hearthfire. I agree, definitely an awesome dungeon and it is sprawling.” It’s well worth checking out.

If you’re after some other suggestions, justcomment wrote, “On southern side of Raven Rock, on top of wall on sand, is small hatch. Small cave to discover,” while one user commented, “There's a quest that you can start at the Windhelm docks in the East Empire Trading Company warehouse. It takes you to an island that isn't on the world map. On the island is a gang of bandits. It's a pretty cool, mostly unknown quest.” I bet there’s something on this thread you’re yet to explore. Take the inspiration and run.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda

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