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Skyrim fans are only just learning the game's 'greatest secret'

Skyrim fans are only just learning the game's 'greatest secret'

Something to try on your next playthrough

One day, The Elder Scrolls VI will be ours to enjoy but that day isn’t today, nor is it going to fall anytime soon.

Bethesda isn’t exactly known for its rapid development cycles, and we wouldn’t want it that way anyway.

Crafting such expansive worlds takes time, plus there’s the fact that many of Bethesda’s developers are still hard at work on Starfield.

The game’s largest update to date is currently in Steam beta testing with a full rollout due next week.

Players can look forward to the addition of surface (or city) maps, customisable ship interiors, added gameplay adjustment settings, and more.

It’s far from being the only update on the way too with developers already teasing the future addition of land vehicles.

The Elder Scrolls VI hasn’t been totally forgotten though amidst this support for Starfield. In fact, far from it.

There is reportedly a playable internal build although this will, needless to say, be a far cry from what the finished product looks like.

If it’s a mediaeval world you yearn for instead of the stars then for now, you’ll have to hop back into Skyrim.

Before you do though, you might want to make note of what some players are referring to as the game's ‘biggest secret’.

Take a look at some of our favourite Skyrim wins and fails below.

Reddit user spatzist has dumbfounded fellow Skyrim players with the knowledge that you can “steal the heart of a Briar Heart Forsworn while they're still alive. Doing so kills them instantly.”

Well, this I did not know but I guess I’m now imminently about to dive back into Skyrim to give it a whirl.

“Dude!!! Nice one,” replied a player, sharing my own sentiment.

As an added tidbit, you don’t need any specific perks to carry out this little heist.

“I had 30 pickpocket when I first did it, and zero perks in the tree. My sneak had reached the ‘game-breaking’ point, however, so that might have contributed to things,” the OP added.

There you have it. Yet another of Skyrim’s secrets uncovered.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda

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