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Skyrim fans horrified to learn they've been lockpicking wrong for 12 years

Skyrim fans horrified to learn they've been lockpicking wrong for 12 years

How have we all been missing this???

As someone that sucks at lockpicking in Skyrim, I’m also horrified to learn that there’s been a simpler way to perfect this in-game mechanic all along. I’m going to need several working days to process how upset I am about this.

I’m not alone in being shocked to discover I’ve been lockpicking all wrong – many more fans are realising, to their dismay, that there’s been an easy way to tell when you’re holding your lockpick in the right place.

“For difficult locks, I would look at the visual pattern around the edge to memorise where the current pick might break so that I could make it back there and adjust slowly,” explained the OP. “Yesterday I was moving slowly and I noticed these slight vibrations… worked my way around the outside and realised that one was slightly stronger than the others… no f**king way.”

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Apparently, when you’re on the money in Bethesda’s acclaimed game, your controller will lightly rumble, with that vibration growing stronger to indicate your success. If you’ve never experienced this, don’t panic, this is because it’s apparently not a feature everyone has access to, as one gamer pointed out.

“That’s only on specific console versions,” they said. Right before someone else chimed in, “Yeah, as a PC user this feels like borderline cheating, haha.” Cheating or not, I doubt I’m alone in saying I will take whatever help I can get.

To add insult to injury, one Skyrim fan mentioned how there’s also a “faint” sound made when you’re on the right track, much to the surprise of the OP who bitterly asked if there was “another thing” they'd missed.

Although it’s great to finally know the truth, it’s doubtful it’s much comfort to the OP who has been lockpicking wrong for these past 12 years. If nothing else, at least they can say they learnt to lockpick the “hard way”.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda Softworks

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