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Skyrim gets dozens of new dungeons, caves, and enemies in this massive expansion

Skyrim gets dozens of new dungeons, caves, and enemies in this massive expansion

Make Skyrim exciting again

Skyrim is an absolutely massive game, but it's also over 10 years old now. As such, there's a strong chance you've probably combed every last inch of its map for secrets by now.

But what if you could recapture that feeling of setting off from Riverwood to Whiterun for the first time? That incredible thrill of knowing new discoveries awaited in every direction? Fortunately, you can.

Take a look at some of the best Skyrim wins and fails below!

The People Of Skyrim 2 is a hefty mod that aims to give you a completely fresh Elder Scrolls experience in an open world that feels familiar, yet markedly different. This mod effectively adds a ton of brand-new points of interest to the map, bring new caves, enemies, dungeons, and even settlements to explore.

"I hope The People Of Skyrim will help rejuvenate your desire to explore & continue playing Skyrim," writes creator nesbit098. "I have endeavoured to stay as lore-friendly as possible with TPOS refreshing the game across Skyrim and leaving the player not so sure of what is around the corner. At least for a while.

"You will encounter new enemies at every level who will be more or less than you, this mod is non-linear in design. You will find new caves, dungeons, bandit camps, settlements, homes, backstories, generic NPCs, and others like followers, trainers, and so on, including new civil war content and more."

It's a hugely ambitious piece of work, and definitely worth checking out if you feel you've seen everything vanilla Skyrim has to offer. If you're interested in download it for yourself, you can do so here.

Just be aware if you're already using certain mods that not everything always works together in Skyrim. But if you haven't modded the game until it breaks at least once, you've not really played it properly.

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