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Skyrim's dragons have a secret we've never seen before

Skyrim's dragons have a secret we've never seen before

This is quite the sight to behold

We’ve fought enough dragons in our time to know that they’re fierce beasts. However, we didn’t know they could do this.

Skyrims dragons are awe-inspiring, even all these years later.

But not because of their vicious attacks, but because of a secret that one bemused player has finally uncovered after traversing the mystical lands of Bethesda’s RPG.

The skies above hide some horrifying secrets, as we’ve come to learn in recent months. However, this isn’t exactly scary but rather comical in nature.

Curious about the funny wins and epic fails players have experienced in Skyrim? Then check out the below vid.

“I was today years old when I found out dragons can pick up mammoths,” shared Redditor Afraid_Smile_9779.

We appreciate that this discovery likely wasn't amusing for the poor mammoth that unexpectedly took flying lessons, but for us it’s hilarious.

For those suspecting a mod has been used to make this happen, according to the OP, they’ve never used a mod.

“Never downloaded a mod bro,” they explained. “Just summon in Durnehviir when you’re in a fight with a mammoth lol.”

Others quickly came to the aid of the OP to confirm that this is “legit”. Well, it certainly speeds up the process of having to take down the formidable foe, doesn’t it?

Not only have we learnt something new today, but we’re also impressed by the might of our dragon friends. As one Redditor joked, “Durnehvirr does not skip wing day.”

Witnessing a mammoth take off into the skies is definitely less morally ambiguous than killing 5,000 NPCs for the sake of it. Though, we wouldn’t exactly call it wholesome behaviour either.

In truth, there isn’t much wholesome content in Skyrim, even if you discover secret endings that lead you away from the bleak nature of some of the game’s legendary factions.

The next time you come face to face with a mammoth, make sure you’ve got your dragon at the ready to make quick work of them.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda Softworks

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