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'Sims 4' Same-Sex Weddings Expansion Coming To Russia Following Backlash

'Sims 4' Same-Sex Weddings Expansion Coming To Russia Following Backlash

EA originally said that the pack wouldn't sold in Russia due to federal laws - they've since reversed the decision.

EA has been facing backlash from fans lately after the announcement that their upcoming Sims 4 game pack, My Wedding Stories, would not be sold in Russia due to the prominence of a same-sex female couple in the pack's storyline. Now, it’s been revealed that this decision has been reversed.

This all began on 9 February, when EA released a statement explaining that My Wedding Stories wouldn’t be sold in Russia as a result of federal laws, which apparently would have meant that the story of the same-sex couple, Dom and Cam, would be subject to changes. As reported by Polygon, many players argued that not selling the pack would limit representation for LGBTQ+ people in Russia, with some also suggesting that EA may have misinterpreted the “gay propaganda” law altogether. 

Check out the trailer for the My Wedding Stories game pack below.

In a new statement released on 16 February, EA laid out their plans to push for a global release of the pack, with a delayed release date of 23 February: “We’ve been listening to the outpouring of feelings from our community including both support for our decision and concern for their fellow community members,” they wrote. “It’s equally important for us to stand by our values, including standing against homophobia, and to share stories like this with those who want and need it most. 

“With this in mind, we’ve reassessed our options and realised we can do more than we initially believed[,] and we will now release The Sims 4 My Wedding Stories” Game Pack to our community in Russia, unaltered and unchangedfeaturing Dom and Cam.”

Gay weddings in The Sims 4 are nothing new, of course, and this isn’t the first time that LGBTQ+ content has been included in a game pack. However, the game is rated as 18+ in Russia, as opposed to the PEGI 12 rating it has elsewhere, and the country's laws have previously prevented other pieces of LGBTQ+ gaming content from being released, such as the Overwatch comic where Tracer kisses her girlfriend.

The company wrapped up their statement with their thanks to players: “Love is love, and The Sims community will continue to be a safe space for those who want to see a world where that is true for everyone,” they wrote. “We are thankful for the support of our team and our values even when it is hard. Thank you for being a part of The Sims.”

Featured Image Credit: EA

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