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Simpsons Hit And Run has an amazing unofficial expansion you have to check out

Simpsons Hit And Run has an amazing unofficial expansion you have to check out

Simpsons Hit and Run just got bigger

The Simpsons Hit and Run is a beloved game that many of us grew up playing. We have a fondness for the title that gave us many wacky moments and made us laugh out loud.

While the fanbase is forever begging for a remake, we’ve come to rely on modders who seek to improve the game visually, tweak the bugs that have been present for decades, and even bring us new missions.

The Simpsons have appeared in a number of videogames over the years

That’s exactly what we have with this mod for the PC version of The Simpsons Hit and Run which brings tavern owner, Moe, front and centre.

It’s called Moe the Vigilante and gives players a bunch of new missions to take on, all focused on Moe as he tries to save Springfield from the mafia who are poisoning the beer supply with toxic waste.

According to the description, “Moe has fallen behind on his debts with the Springfield mafia. Drive, race, and crash your way through Springfield, trying to stop the mafia from ruining your customers and business.”

The mod not only extends gameplay with seven brand-new missions, but it also ushers in a change in the time of day, daytime, and evening, that makes everything feel a bit more immersive.

Get behind the wheel of Moe’s Sedan and you can eke out a few more hours from this brilliant, fast-paced and hilarious retro game.

Will we ever see a proper remake of The Simpsons Hit and Run? Or, even better, could we ever see a newer version released for modern systems? Oh, how that would be the dream.

There’s no official word on this, so for now, we’ll play Moe’s missions and experiment with some other mods, just to keep the dream, and memories of childhood, alive and well.

Featured Image Credit: Vivendi Universale Games

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