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'Silent Hill 2' Remade In Unreal Engine 5 Will Impress Fans

'Silent Hill 2' Remade In Unreal Engine 5 Will Impress Fans

A beginner game dev has shared their work recreating Silent Hill 2 in Unreal Engine 5, and they've done an amazing job.

We all love a bit of Silent Hill, don’t we? Despite a full decade passing by since the series’ last release (unless we’re counting P.T., of course), fans continue to be super dedicated to the franchise, and keep on spawning some really impressive Unreal Engine remakes of the various games. 

Take a look at P.T. in action below.

As reported by DSOGaming, YouTube creator Silent has released a video showing their progress on a Silent Hill 2 remake project. They explain that they’ve just started learning about game development, and thought it would be best to work on a simple personal project in Unreal Engine 5 in order to learn and improve their skills. 

The YouTuber explains their entire creation process, from extracting assets to overcoming hurdles, and the final result ends up looking super similar to the original game, which is really impressive when you consider that it was a beginner project. Silent isn’t going to be releasing the remake to the public, so this isn’t a game you can try out for yourself, but their video is a really interesting watch - check it out below.

You might remember that back in May, it was rumoured that an official remake of Silent Hill 2 is in the works, featuring new endings and reworked puzzles. What’s not to love? Well, it was also rumoured that this project is being developed by the Layers of Fear and The Medium devs, Bloober Team - creating a concept which went down very poorly online, thanks to the studio’s less-than-stellar reputation in the games industry. At the time of writing, though, this still hasn’t been confirmed to be true, so it could end up amounting to nothing.

Featured Image Credit: Konami, Silent via YouTube

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