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Scarface 2 video game appears online 17 years after the original

Scarface 2 video game appears online 17 years after the original

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Scarface: The World is Yours was a successful game that adapted the classic Al Pacino film into an action game. It was released on all major consoles and was well received at the time. There was supposed to be a sequel from Radical Entertainment but it was sadly cancelled.

Until recently details on the game were scarce. The first game served as a sequel to the film and followed Tony Montana seeking revenge on his business partner-turned-enemy, Alejandro Sosa. Who knows where the sequel would have gone.

Scarface came at a time when many studios were trying to capitalise on the success of GTA

All we have are some images of Las Vegas and the surrounding desert that came from several artists who worked on the game before cancellation. The images appeared to have been on Art Station for some time before they were noticed and came to light.

The first game came at a time when GTA was huge and plenty of studios were trying to capture that lightning in a bottle success. Scarface did a pretty good job of it despite Al Pacino not returning to voice his iconic character. He did however allow for his likeness to be used and helped in finding the right voice actor for the role.

Radical Entertainment never released any information on how far into development they were, but as we only have a collection of 2D artwork, it's likely it didn't get out of design phases. The studio would later merge with Activision where they would create the successful Prototype series and aid Bungie in developing the original Destiny.

The potential artwork was discovered and showcased by the aptly named 'Mafia Game Videos' over on YouTube. Even though the game was cancelled, it's great to see something creative came out of the experience and it probably would have shaped up to be a great game.

Featured Image Credit: 2K Games

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