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Gamers blown away by Roblox FPS 'unironically better' than Modern Warfare 2

Gamers blown away by Roblox FPS 'unironically better' than Modern Warfare 2

Gamers have been blown away by Roblox FPS ‘unironically better’ than Modern Warfare 2.

Gamers have been blown away by Roblox FPS ‘unironically better’ than Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

For decades, the Call of Duty franchise has not only been one of the most-played and best-selling FPS titles of all time, but it proved to be continually popular across all genres.

Granted, it’s not always been plain sailing for the series. However, I think most fans can agree that the series is close to its best with the most recent Modern Warfare 2 reboot as well as the new iteration of Warzone.

For many years, EA’s Battlefield has been the main rival of Call of Duty. Unfortunately, the EA series has had a massive fall from grace with Battlefield 2042. Though to be fair, I hear Battlefield 2042 is a much better game now. Sadly, it might be a little too late for redemption.

So what else can compete with the Call of Duty franchise? The answer to that might surprise you, and that rival could be Roblox. Yes, that’s right, I just said Roblox. Hear me out.

As reported by CharlieIntel, content creator FaZe Jev has been playing a Roblox game called Frontlines. I’ve just watched the video from Jev and I instantly thought to myself “no way is that Roblox!” I was wrong, and so too will a lot of people that initially watch the video.

Roblox is known for its, well, blocky and cartoon art style. The visuals in Frontline look quite realistic and nothing like Roblox whatsoever. In fact, I think it's fair to say that Roblox isn't even remotely recognisable when playing Frontline.

Dubious that Frontline would play as good as it looks, Jev explains: “I thought okay fine it would look better, but not feel good. No, it’s actually an unironically better multiplayer experience than Modern Warfare 2.”

In terms of gameplay, as well as featuring solid shooting mechanics, Jez said: “We got a tac-sprint and everything, we can slide cancel.” It even includes a radar with red dots in the top corner and even a map voting system. So it seems that Frontline is also a little more advanced than we thought. Who would have guessed?

Featured Image Credit: Roblox Corporation/Activision Blizzard

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