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Rick And Morty's latest season has too much incest, fans complain

Rick And Morty's latest season has too much incest, fans complain

The show is famous for pushing the limit on what's acceptable.

The latest season of Rick and Morty has been criticised for featuring above average levels of incest and the fans are getting fatigued of the same shocking punchline.

Final DeSmithation, which aired on 2 October, sees the Smith family out for dinner at Panda Express. They all eat a fortune cookie and then read the slips of paper - everyone has mostly meaningless messages, but Jerry receives a fortune that says "You will have sex with your mother."

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Jerry becomes paranoid that this will actually happen, taking ridiculous measures until Rick notices that the probability field regarding the fortune seems to suggest it is fate. They both go to the Panda Express where this thing all started and discover that the fortunes are coming from an unknown source with high security.

The inanity of the storyline is pretty par for the course for Rick and Morty, however, fans are a little concerned that there have been "too many" episodes about incest. In the fifth season, Summer and Morty accidentally conceive a giant child named Naruto who is floating in space, and Beth slept with her clone Space Beth in the third episode of the sixth season.

"Rick and Morty, I love ya but thats enough incest episodes [sic]. You’ve hit your quota for incest episodes, no more please," said one.

Rick and Morty is intended to be shocking, but when the jokes are this frequent, it then sounds like the show hasn't got much to offer outside of this subject. Still, there are another four episodes left, and the show likes to push the boundaries in any area it can.

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