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Rick And Morty creator's new game has the 'silliest glitch of 2022'

Rick And Morty creator's new game has the 'silliest glitch of 2022'

You can never leave

High On Life, the new comedy shooter from Rick And Morty co-creator Justin Roiland has proven to be an absolute hit with fans so far.

Releasing on Xbox and PC earlier this month, High On Life has resonated with the fans in a big way, even becoming one of Xbox Game Pass' biggest titles. You think it's easy to be more popular than Minecraft, even for a few days? It ain't.

But while there's plenty of fun to be had in High On Life (depending on your tolerance for Rick And Morty style humour), critics and fans alike have pointed out that the game has its fair share of bugs. One, in particular, has been hailed as the silliest of the year.

During one mission fairly early on in the game, the player will sit down at a booth in Space Applebee’s to hear some exposition. Eventually you'll get up to leave the restaurant and carry on shooting things. Or you're supposed to, at least.

“The game crashed while I was doing the mission and when I opened it again the door for the Applebee’s won’t open,” comments one unfortunate Steam user who found themselves trapped in Space Applebees for all time (thanks, PCGamesN).

“I got this too,” another confirmed. “Reloading checkpoints doesn’t fix anything.”

Incredibly, some players are finding they can leave Space Applebees but are almost immediately teleported back inside upon exiting.

“I had just paid the bill in Applebee’s and rescued a human in a cage outside of the store in the slums,” one player claims. “I jumped into the portal where the humans go and was jetpacking up the ledges above them, when I was teleported into Applebee’s with all closed doors and no way out.”

“I got the same thing and still can’t get out,” another chimed in. “I made it out of the slums but the map glitched and I fell through the map and teleported back to a deserted Applebee’s with locked doors.”

Basically, beware Space Applebees.

Featured Image Credit: Microsoft

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