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A ‘Resident Evil Outbreak’ Remaster Could Be On The Way

A ‘Resident Evil Outbreak’ Remaster Could Be On The Way

Newly revealed assets on Capcom's website seem to suggest that the game could be seeing a remaster sometime soon.

Did someone ask for some more Resident Evil? Of course they did, gamers never stop asking for anything. 

First spotted by @cvxfreak on Twitter (and as reported by GamesRadar), Capcom recently updated their website, and have thrown in a whole load of new screenshots, assets and descriptions for Resident Evil Code: Veronica, Outbreak, and Outbreak File 2 on the history page.

Resident Evil is an incredibly vast series, and it's changed a lot over the years - check out its evolution below.

Amongst these new assets, fans were quick to spot that there appear to be some new renders for the alligators and hyenas from Outbreak. They don’t appear to have been simply upscaled - they seem suspiciously well polished, and slightly different to the renders we already knew from the original game. As you’d imagine, this has quickly spiralled into the speculation that a remake or remaster could be on its way.

“I still pray they'll bring back Outbreak in some form. Even if it was just a single player re-release,” tweeted @morbidcuriousty. “If they just port [Code: Veronica, Outbreak and Outbreak: File 2] with online functionality like the recent fighting collection [I'll] be happy,” wrote @Shadow_Hunter_6.

Outbreak was, of course, first released back on the PS2 in 2003, so given that it’s almost 20 years old now, I don’t think anyone would be complaining if we saw a remake or a remaster happen. Look, it makes significantly more sense than Until Dawn getting one (which it apparently is, for some reason).

This isn’t the only Resident Evil game which is currently rumoured to have a remake in the works - the internet has been hyping itself up over the potential of a new and improved version of Resident Evil 4 for some time now. According to a report published earlier this month, it could be announced early this year, and will apparently aim to be even spookier than the original, with more of the game taking place during the night. Interesting. Well, if we keep expecting a remake for everything, one’s got to happen eventually, right? Right. Carry on. 

Featured Image Credit: Capcom

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