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Red Dead Redemption players discover what happened to Jack Marston after the epilogue

Red Dead Redemption players discover what happened to Jack Marston after the epilogue

Jack's life seems to have gone in an entirely different direction

If you’ve always wondered what became of Jack Marston after the epilogue ended and the credits rolled, one fan may have uncovered what his future involved, and it’s not the life we pictured the heir to the Marston Ranch having.

The poor boy has a lot to get off his chest given all that he experienced in both Red Dead Redemption and its sequel. So much so, it would seem, that Jack turned to the written word to share his experiences with the world.

Believe it or not, J. Marston penned a book, a book you can find as an easter egg in GTA V; simply titled Red Dead, the book sits next to some interesting novels, one of which is called Life in the Hood: Uncircumcised.

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We have questions about that book in particular, but first, we need to address Jack’s career choice after the death of his father. Although the find is being passed off as “nothing special”, its implications may give closure to fans of Rockstar Games’ wild west franchise.

“There was a book written called Red Dead by ‘J. Marston’ in various bookshelves around GTA V,” the OP explains. “It sorta implies that Jack Marston became a writer and probably made his life better after the storyline of Red Dead Redemption.”

Considering how utterly heartbreaking the franchise as a whole is, it’s nice to think one character had a happy ending. However, some fans are claiming this is nothing more than Rockstar’s nod towards its other works, which, while more likely, is a boring reason behind the book’s presence.

Here at GAMINGbible, we prefer to believe what this fan suggests: “It means J. Marston, aka Jack, grew up and finally left the cowboy life that he was never meant to live and became a famous writer.” They added, “[It] also means that both games [GTA V and RDR] take place in the same universe.”

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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