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Red Dead Redemption meets Valheim in new Western RPG

Red Dead Redemption meets Valheim in new Western RPG

Yee, and indeed, haw

Western games go far beyond Red Dead Redemption, though the Rockstar Games title does rightly rule the roost. However, it’s a great setting to tap into and one that lends itself well to games.

The upcoming game, Forty-Niner, is looking to mash up a bit of Red Dead Redemption with Valheim, in an action survival game that takes place in an ever-evolving world.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is the pinnacle of Western games due to its depth and stunning characters

This procedurally-generated Western world needs taming and it’s up to you to tackle ongoing problems while establishing a foothold in the world.

Able to explore several biomes, you’ll need to hunt animals, track down resources, and fight off enemies while building a base, and a place to call home. Move up from a humble tent to building taverns and blacksmithing shops.

As well as finding materials you will be able to buy what you need from traders to keep the flow of life trickling along. With a skill system and extensive quests for both Cowboys and Native American paths, you’ll be able to live out a true role-play experience.

There’s no release date for Forty-Niner as yet, however, the Steam page is filled with details on the game, as well as its inclusion in early access.

From a look at the trailer and gifs available, the visuals are simple but often pretty as the developer is using a bold art style that uses more detail in the environment compared to the characters.

Fans of survival games will love this one as its snap-and-build mechanics allow for some accessible building options to make this town feel unique to your experience.

It’s also great to see that NPCs will play a big role in how your town operates as they keep their own schedules and you’ll have to factor that into your cowboy life. We can’t wait to hear more on Forty-Niner soon.

Featured Image Credit: VowelA

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