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Red Dead Redemption 2 has a fan-made Undead Nightmare expansion you can download now

Red Dead Redemption 2 has a fan-made Undead Nightmare expansion you can download now

Let's add zombies to Arthur's growing list of concerns

Have you ever been wandering around Red Dead Redemption 2’s expansive map and thought to yourself that it needed some more zombies?

If you have then you are in luck as one creative modder has released the Undead Nightmare II mod which, as you can probably guess, adds the undead to the hit RPG Red Dead Redemption 2.

Check out the Red Dead Redemption 2 trailer below!

Set in a fictionalised representation of the Western, Midwestern, and Southern United States during 1899, Red Dead Redemption 2 was never going to be your average setting for a zombie horror game.

Although some parts of the game do belong in the horror genre (the swamps anyone?), that is not the route Rockstar Games took with the Red Dead Redemption sequel.

However, for Nexus Mods user RichardHertz, a zombie apocalypse is just what the RPG needed.

Their Undead Nightmare II mod description reads: “The dead have risen, a number of settlements have fallen, and some still stand a chance - it's up to you to either lend a hand, or let them perish.”

Set across New Austin where a plague has caused the dead to rise, players join townsfolk who refuse to go down without a fight. However, with locals setting fire to the town in an attempt to kill the undead, it is a race against time to get New Austin back under control.

However, escaping to the countryside is not an option as the undead are leaving the towns and hunting down the local wildlife and under a blood moon, the plague may not be all that it seems.

With a new Undead Marston quest which sees players explore the world as a zombie-fied John Marston complete with Red Dead Redemption animations, this free mod is not one to miss out on.

If you are still unsure, check out this Undead Nightmare II trailer here!

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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