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Red Dead Redemption 2 player finds secret on Guarma we all missed

Red Dead Redemption 2 player finds secret on Guarma we all missed

Curse our feeble eyes!

Secrets are abundant in Red Dead Redemption 2; after five years, we’re still discovering easily missed details.

It’s humbling, to say the least.

Some discoveries are funnier than others – like this hilarious detail we’ve failed to notice before.

Other times, the secrets only leave us with more questions.

We'll never be done with Red Dead Redemption 2, we just feel it in our bones.

While exploring Guarma “via mods”, one Red Dead Redemption 2 player discovered an NPC that seemingly has no purpose other than to mystify us further.

Their post reads, “I was exploring Guarma via mods and I found this donkey rider guy, he was not hostile at all or anything, does anyone know who this guy is?”

Lots of jokes ensued, as no one quite knows who this mysterious individual is.

Yet, some fans don’t believe this a secret nor a mystery; “How is this a mystery? It's an NPC riding a donkey,” queried Cody_Aggers.

To which, OpathicaNAE responded, “What's his name? What's his backstory? What's the Donkey's name? What's its backstory? How'd they get here? How'd they meet? Where are they going? Where will they go from there?”

So many questions, so few answers.

We doubt this secret will keep gamers up at night. Still, it’s a curious detail Rockstar Games decided to include. Sure, it could be explained away as a means of fleshing out the scenery, but where’s your curiosity?

Personally, we like to think this NPC has a secret he’s travelling around Guarma to protect.

Even if we never learn who this NPC really is, it’s one of those elements of the acclaimed game that proves you’re never truly finished with Arthur’s story.

Speaking of the beloved character, there’s a “fascinating" new chapter of his tale fans can check out for free.

What are your theories about this wandering NPC? We’d love to hear ‘em!

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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