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Rahul Kohli perfectly shuts down homophobic The Last Of Us haters

Rahul Kohli perfectly shuts down homophobic The Last Of Us haters

Internet favourite Rahul Kohli had the perfect response towards haters of The Last of Us' Bill and Frank episode.

HBO’s The Last of Us continues to dazzle viewers with each and every episode. I don’t know about you but I’m still processing those Bill and Frank scenes. I looked at a strawberry in the supermarket yesterday and for perhaps the first time in my life I let out a sad ‘Aw.’ I can’t say a fruit has ever elicited such a strong emotional response in me.

Unfortunately though, the episode was met with backlash due to the fact that it featured a romance between Bill and Frank. Haters review-bombed the episode with one-star reviews, complaining that the show was pushing ‘political propaganda,’ while some referred to it as ‘a filler’ episode. Both of those things are complete and utter nonsense and actor Rahul Kohli had the perfect response to shut down haters.

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Rahul Kohli is an internet favourite. He’s a cool famous guy, but he’s also a nerd just like us. You could say that he exists in the same category as Henry Cavill. Anyway, taking to Instagram, Kohli shut down those who criticised the episode. Bear in mind, Kohli is simply just a fan of the series. “I made the mistake of reading other people’s comments about TLOU,” he wrote. “Many masking their homophobia with ‘Why can’t it stick to the game?’ [while] others just straight up not wanting LGBTQIA representation in mainstream media. I have two thoughts about this.”

He continued, “Who on Earth wants a shot for shot remake? If I wanted that I’d just play through the game again. I want an adaptation. I want TV/film to play to their strengths and give me an alternative take, delve into the human condition.” Kohli also pointed out that “The Last of Us’ lead is Ellie, not Joel. Ellie is gay. This hasn’t been retroactively added. This was further explored in the Left Behind DLC which was released in 2014. This is and has always been a progressive series. Bill was gay too. This is a faithful adaptation.”

“If TLOU is a little too diverse / progressive for you, I think you may need to stop watching. It’s been their story since 2014. There are countless stories which avoid representation altogether. I dunno what to tell you. Watch them instead.” Perfectly said.

Featured Image Credit: HBO, Netflix

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