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PlayStation 5 user discovers game-changing YouTube function

PlayStation 5 user discovers game-changing YouTube function

Here's a handy trick to play YouTube videos while you're gaming which you might not have known about.

Ah, new gen gaming. Full of juicy frame rates, the highest of definitions, and so many visible pores on characters. So, so many pores. Regardless of whether you’re on Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5, both consoles offer what’s supposed to be the very best gaming experience possible (although perhaps PC gamers would beg to differ), and with that comes some super snazzy features. 

Back in June, for example, the PS5’s Share Factory Studio received a huge new update, giving users access to a new, easy editing mode for short gameplay videos. More recently, Discord integration was fully rolled out on Xbox consoles (including Xbox One). Now, on Reddit, one user has highlighted a neat function on PS5 which you might not have noticed before.

PS5s are still notoriously difficult to get hold of, hence this guy's incredible reaction when he was surprised with one as a gift from his family.

“On PS5, you can have YouTube/Netflix open on the side whilst you play, great for them games that are grindy,” IAreBeMrLee wrote. 

All you’ll need to do to set this up is send a message to yourself on PlayStation with a link to YouTube, or whatever it is you’re trying to watch. Then, if you click on the options and then pin to the side, you’ll be able to watch your videos in the corner of the screen while you play. So, while you’re busy repeatedly leading that one bird enemy to its doom in Elden Ring’s Mohgwyn Palace, you can keep yourself entertained. Perfect for those people out there who need to consume as much media as possible at all times in order to prevent a single thought from occurring (I’m people).

Now, this isn’t a totally new discovery by any means, but I for one certainly didn’t know about it until just now, nor did many others in the Reddit thread - be sure to give it a whirl.

Featured Image Credit: Sony, YouTube

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