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Latest PS5 Update Adds Features Fans Have Been Asking For

Latest PS5 Update Adds Features Fans Have Been Asking For

Sony's latest PS5 update is a godsend for gamers who like things nice and tidy.

Sony often listen to what gamers want when it comes to software updates, and that certainly seems to be the case with a new PS5 software beta rolling out in certain locations today. It was announced via the official PlayStation blog that, although it's only a limited release, it is their goal "to bring these updates to our global community later this year."

Although there's no official release date as to when these updates will be let loose worldwide, it's exciting to know they're on the way. It's especially exciting for gamers who like to run things smoothly, and keep their collection nice and tidy.

Check out the announcement trailer for The Last of Us Part 1, coming to PlayStation 5 on September 2nd this year.

The 1440p HDMI Video Output announcement is the headliner, and perhaps the most pleasing to those with decent TVs and monitors. This new feature enables players to pick a whole new visual setting, but only with titles that support it. Also pretty exciting is the "Gamelists" feature, which aims to "make organizing your games even easier." It's great news for those of us who need a tidy house for a tidy mind.

In the "Your Collection" tab, we simply select "Create Gamelist," then choose which selection of games go into it (a bit like a playlist, when you think about it). We'll be able to have up to 15 Gamelists, with up to 100 games in each list - which includes digital, disk, and streaming titles. Similarly to a Spotify music playlist, the same title can be added to more than one Gamelist. I'm not sure who has 1500 games for zero crossover anyway but, we move.

Also included in the update is the ability to compare 3D and stereo audio, easier access to in-progress activities, a request share screen, a notification for joinable games, and plenty more features you can check out here!

Featured Image Credit: Martin Katler via Unsplash, Kamil S via Unsplash

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