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PS5 scalping declared 'over' as scalpers desperately sell consoles for way cheaper

PS5 scalping declared 'over' as scalpers desperately sell consoles for way cheaper

PS5 scalpers are being forced to sell consoles for way cheaper, making a loss, after worldwide stock availability increases.

The dark days are over, my friends. I was going to ask, ‘Do you remember how hard it used to be to get your hands on a PlayStation 5 console?’ but of course you do. I recall the struggle vividly. Signing up to every Twitter and Discord stock alert going, getting a console into your basket only for it to disappear by the time you checked out … sigh. It wasn’t exactly a fun time.

The good news is that earlier this year, Sony declared that the PlayStation 5 shortage is officially over. It’s clear to see. Consoles are now somewhat readily available online after worldwide supply issues were rectified, in part due to the end of the pandemic - and it’s better late than never. There are several great PS5 exclusives in the pipeline, including Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 and Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores which launches in just two days time. We may be winning but the scalpers who exacerbated the shortages? They’re now making losses.

Speaking of Burning Shores, take a look at the latest launch trailer below.

As the wise prophet Taylor Swift once said, Karma is a god. As I’m sure you will have seen, scalpers were originally selling PS5s for prices exceeding £1,000. Now, as spotted by one Reddit user, scalpers can’t even make the recommended retail price. User PetiteCanadianMilf wrote, “Don’t even feel a little bit bad for them,” adding a screenshot of a scalper with several PS5 consoles available for the discounted price of $400.

Ghostmetalblack said, “Worth waiting and not giving a single dime to scalpers. Makes it all the more enjoyable watching a post like this,” while AndyWGaming added, “I hope he has to go down to like $230 for people to buy. Would be hilarious.” FightersShadow simply commented, “This brings a huge smile on my face. F**k scalpers.”

Speaking of the PlayStation 5, it’s believed that a redesigned version will soon launch featuring a detachable disc drive. Hopefully, we won’t experience any supply issues again.

Featured Image Credit: DreamWorks Pictures, Sony

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