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PS5 owners uncover simple hack to improve DualSense feedback

PS5 owners uncover simple hack to improve DualSense feedback

Most people are using the DualSense controller's 'weak' haptic feedback setting without knowing.

We’re over two years into the PlayStation 5’s lifecycle, which means we could soon be reaching the halfway mark, and players are only just discovering how to get the most out of their DualSense controllers. I’ll admit, I did not know this either.

Before we dive in, there may be a brand new PS5 console on the way. It’s not a pro and it’s not a slim model. Instead, insiders are claiming that the soon-to-be-revealed console is a second-gen PS5 featuring a detachable disc drive. That way, Sony would only need to produce one base console instead of two as they do now (the digital-only and disc drive versions). Saying that, Jim Ryan has confirmed that the PS5 shortage is now over so there should be no issue with producing the classic PS5 console. Let’s get back to that hack though.

Who’s excited for the upcoming PS5 exclusive Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores? I certainly am. Take a look at the trailer below.

One of the DualSense controller’s best features is its haptic feedback but it turns out, most of us do not experience the full capacity of that feedback. Reddit user jiodjflak wrote, “If you want better DualSense feedback, mute your DualSense mic. I haven't seen this mentioned anywhere before. I just went into the controller settings for the first time in about a year of owning my PS5 and it turns out that if the mic is unmuted, DualSense vibration and trigger feedback is automatically set to weak. To get strong feedback you have to mute the mic.”

“I tested both mic muted and unmuted and in Doom Eternal and Dead Space [and] there's a noticeable difference,” they added. To help you out, that mic button is the small clear bar underneath the PlayStation logo home button. Simply press that and it’ll turn orange to indicate that the mic is now on mute.

Players were amazed with the difference. User Aquamani wrote, “Holy crap, that makes so much sense,” while Amorphous01 added, “OMG YOU’RE RIGHT! I’m trying it out with Returnal and sure enough there is a noticeable difference! Good looking out bro.” Give it a whirl yourself.

Featured Image Credit: Martin Katler via Unsplash, Sony

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