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The PS2 remains the best-selling console ever made, and it's not even close

The PS2 remains the best-selling console ever made, and it's not even close

The latest console sale figures have shown that nothing can come close to beating the PS2's lifetime sales.

Will any console ever be able to outsell the PS2? With each console generation that passes, it seems less and less likely.

Objectively speaking, there was no gaming system more popular in the early 2000s than the PS2. The new and improved PlayStation sold a whopping 152 million units in its lifetime - to put it into perspective, that’s more than double the UK’s current population.

Before we get into it, take a look at our top 10 PS2 games below.

In all this time, the only gaming device that’s come close to stealing the crown is the Nintendo DS, which sold 154.02 million units in its lifetime. Of course, that’s a handheld, so the PS2 has quite comfortably remained on top when it comes to home consoles for over two decades now. And, based on the latest sales data, that isn’t set to change any time soon.

As TweakTown reports, it’s been revealed that by the end of 2022’s holiday period, the PS5 had shipped 7.1 million units. You might remember that last August, the PS4 got its final sales numbers (117.2 million units sold), so those weren’t going to change.

Q4 sales numbers have also revealed that the Nintendo Switch is continuing to sell well - the hybrid console has now sold 122.55 million units, which means it’s finally outsold the Game Boy, Game Boy Color and the PS4. A lot of people are preparing for The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, it seems.

It’s currently expected that Sony will ship a total of 19 million PS5s by March this year - with them finally becoming more readily available, the figures might see a bit of a boost soon. Even then, there’s a long, long way to go before it could even come close to beating the PS2’s record.

Featured Image Credit: Curtis Berry via Unsplash, Nikita Kostrykin via Unsplash

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