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A PS1 classic from our childhoods is officially returning on modern consoles

A PS1 classic from our childhoods is officially returning on modern consoles

It's time to relive our childhoods

It seems as though the classics are making a return recently and this banger game from our childhoods is no exception.

First released in 1995 with sequels following in 1998 and 1999, the Gex trilogy is making a return after almost thirty years and fans of the PlayStation 1 platformer series are overjoyed.

Check out the trailer for the remastered Gex Trilogy below!

Gex,Gex: Enter the Gecko and Gex 3: Deep Cover Gecko shone during the late 90s and the trilogy, originally developed by Crystal Dynamics, could be found on the Nintendo 64 and Game Boy Colour.

The games would see the player take on the role of “a wisecracking, television-obsessed gecko voiced by comedian Dana Gould, who must venture through the "Media Dimension" and defeat Rez, the overlord of the dimension who wants to make Gex into his new network mascot.”

The upcoming release for the trilogy was first announced back in July of last year and it will be making its way to the Nintendo Switch. Additionally, it has been confirmed that pre-orders will go live in Fall 2024.

Using Limited Run’s Carbon Engine which is a "a development tool that allows legacy content to be ported to modern platforms", fans are excited to see what the trilogy will look like almost thirty years on and luckily, they don’t have long to wait.

"Gex Trilogy is the definitive edition of the classic platforming series with Gexcessive attitude, complete with Gextras like rewind and save anywhere,” the official reveal reads. “Relive Gex’s snark-laced adventures through the warped lens of twentieth-century pop culture and use your Gexterity to survive an onslaught of television-themed challenges."

In the comments of the official reveal trailer, one comment read: “I loved playing this trilogy back in the day on PS1. I can’t wait to revisit them! Bring on Croc and Jersey Devil remasters.”

Another said: “Awesome. I miss this series. What’s better is getting Dana Gould back to do the John Wick line. This is PERFECT!”

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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