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Pokémon TCG exclusive reveal: Illustration Rare starter ex evolution line

Pokémon TCG exclusive reveal: Illustration Rare starter ex evolution line

The Sprigatito is out of the hat...

Look, Fuecoco is my boy. I can’t deny that little chompy chilli boy has my heart out of the three Paldea starters, but when the Pokémon Trading Card game drops three stunning illustration rare cards featuring the Sprigatito line, well I can’t pretend that I may be being pulled towards switching allegiances to the adorable grassy feline.

GAMINGbible has the honour today of revealing the english language versions of Sprigatito and Floragato Illustration Rare as well as Meowscarada ex Special Illustration rare from the upcoming Paldea Evolved Scarlet & Violet TCG expansion. And oh lawd are they beautiful.

Sprigatito /
The Pokémon Company

The three new cards come from the Japanese sub-set Triple Beat, which makes up one source of Paldea Evolved’s over 190 cards. Other cards in the set will be made up from the most recent dual set Clay Burst and Snow Hazard, which are currently taking the Japanese market by storm thanks to the inclusion of the highly desirable Iono trainer cards, inspired by the gym leader from the Scarlet and Violet games.

Floragato /
The Pokémon Company

The illustrator of all three Sprigatito line Illustration Rares is Kouki Saitou who has been illustrating Pokémon cards since Aquopolis e-reader set back in 2003 (Thanks for the archive). Sprigatito and Foragato are both gold star illustration rares while the Meowscarada ex, is rightfully a special illustration rare.

Meowscarada ex /
The Pokémon Company

The new cards will be released in the west as part of the Paldea Evolved Scarlet & Violet TCG Expansion which releases 9 June this year.

Featured Image Credit: The Pokémon Company

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