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PlayStation users 'genuinely surprised' by how good new free game is

PlayStation users 'genuinely surprised' by how good new free game is

PlayStation Plus subscribers are full of praise for The Quarry, which was recently added to the PS Plus Extra game library.

These last few months have been a genuinely fantastic time to own a PlayStation, or rather, to be subscribed to PlayStation Plus.

Although the freebies offered at the very start of March to Essential-tier subscribers were a little bit hit and miss (looking at you, Battlefield 2042), Sony recently announced the next wave of titles coming to the Extra and Premium tier game libraries, and they definitely make up for it. There’s a huge variety of games to try, including Ghostwire: Tokyo, Untitled Goose Game and Neo: The World Ends With You. However, some gamers on Reddit are currently singing the praises of one of February’s Extra-tier additions.

Spoiler alert, it’s The Quarry. Take a look at some gameplay below.

The Quarry is on PlayStation Plus, and I was genuinely surprised at how much fun, how well written and how engrossing it was,” one Reddit user wrote. In case you’re unfamiliar, Supermassive Games' choice-based narrative horror title follows the tale of nine camp counsellors, who must survive a final night at summer camp while fighting to survive against a mysterious and deadly threat. Dozens of alternate scenarios can occur depending on the choices you make - many will make the difference between life and death for the poor characters.

Others are in complete agreement that it’s a great time: “I have to agree! Downloaded it past weekend and finished it that same weekend lol it definitely hooked me story wise after that prologue,” one replied. “I loved it so much. This game is what started my current game rabbit hole that’s led to the Dark [Pictures] Anthology series (only Until Dawn and Little Hope so far and loved them), Detroit: Become Human (LOVED), and currently Beyond: Two Souls,” wrote another. “I’m almost done and I’m really enjoying it. These games I find more of an interactive movie then a game but I’m cool with it. It’s kind of nice with my limited gaming time to have something I can just sit and play/watch. Super fun,” another said.

A single playthrough of the game can be completed in under 10 hours, so it’s a fairly short experience, and one that’s definitely worth trying.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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