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PlayStation gamers urged to immediately change settings to avoid serious error

PlayStation gamers urged to immediately change settings to avoid serious error

It might be worth updating your passwords just in case.

Online privacy is a major deal and in some unfortunate cases, it can lead to data being stolen and even sold on the internet.

It’s why it is vitally important to not only have a very strong password but also to change that password on rotation. Sure, it might not always save you from data being stolen, but it might help reduce the risk. There are some fantastic password manager apps that provide near-impossible passwords to remember and offer a great level of protection. Most of the password manager apps will even store that information for you, so you won't have to keep a mental note.

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Sadly, it seems that data may have been stolen from Sony via a ransom group that allegedly told Sony to pay up the cash or the stolen data will be sold. This has apparently led to some nervous gamers looking to delete their PlayStation accounts to avoid the risk of financial details being acquired. However, it might not come to that if you have a strong rotational password and as I already mentioned, a reliable password manager app is a handy precaution to take.

Back in 2011, Sony suffered a very infamous cyberattack that resulted in the PlayStation Network being taken down for over 20 days and it was reported that over 77 million PSN accounts were leaked online.

Thankfully, it’s reported that this alleged cyberattack is nowhere near the level of 2011. As reported by, some experts believe that the data breach may be bogus, which could be why Sony is seemingly being lowkey about the whole fiasco. At this time, a Sony spokesperson said: “We are currently investigating the situation.”

That being said, it still might be wise to change your Sony and PlayStation passwords ASAP just in case. You can also apply a two-step verification to your accounts as well as using a password and/or passcodes when signing into PSN or to make purchases. As they say, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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