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PlayStation Shows Off 'God Of War Ragnarök' PS5 Custom Controller

PlayStation Shows Off 'God Of War Ragnarök' PS5 Custom Controller

Along with a new Ragnarök trailer, Sony revealed a gorgeous new DualSense controller during the State of Play stream last night.

If there’s any two things that PlayStation fans love, it’s God of War Ragnarök news and swanky new controller designs, so I imagine that many were delighted by the way that last night’s State of Play stream wrapped up. The main event, obviously, was a new Ragnarök trailer, this time showcasing yet more juicy gameplay, an appearance from big boy Tyr, as well as Thor swinging his hammer, as Thor does. Oh, and Kratos seems to have some sort of grappling hook now? So that’s neat. The whole thing is looking positively beautiful, too - November can’t come any quicker.

Check out that new trailer right here.

In case you’d not already blown hundreds on the pricey Collector’s or Jötnar editions of the game though, there’s yet more God of War themed stuff coming our way for us to splash out on. Sony revealed a whole new limited-edition PS5 DualSense controller, featuring gorgeous dark blue accents, black buttons, and two wolves on the touchpad. It’s a really lovely, subtle design which will certainly please fans without having any huge text on the front screaming ‘I love God of War’. 

The controller has the same release date as the game (9 November), and pre-orders will begin on 27 September. Given how quickly those special editions of the game were snapped up (and promptly resold at astronomical prices), anyone serious about getting their hands on this thing might want to set an alarm so that they don’t miss out. 

Featured Image Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment, Sony

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