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PlayStation Plus June free games are already dividing fans

PlayStation Plus June free games are already dividing fans

PlayStation Plus' June free games are already causing a few arguments

PlayStation Plus' free games for June 2023 are already causing a few arguments as subscribers attempt to come to grips with the next batch of free games on the Essential tier.

The last couple of months have seen PlayStation Plus get some genuinely great games in. Subscribers can currently play one of the best action-adventure games out there, one of the PlayStation 5's best-looking games, and a brand-new release that's winning rave reviews.

But with the news that the service is losing a bunch of games next month, and the reveal of a fairly underwhelming PS1 game for Premium subscribers, there's a lot riding on PS Plus to deliver when it announces the next lot of free games next week.

Over on the PlayStation Plus subreddit users are already torn over which games will be making their way to Essential subscribers in June. There are some excellent shouts, but as is always the way, nobody can quite seem to agree on which three titles will make it in.

Currently the top-rated guess is Disco Elysium, Hades, and Nier Automata. While unlikely, that would make June 2023 one of the best months ever for PlayStation Plus in terms of sheer critical acclaim. As one user jokes, they recently picked up all three of the above games, which of course usually means PlayStation Plus is about to give them away for free.

Other frequent guesses include Alan Wake Remastered, Call Of Duty Vanguard, and No Man's Sky - any of which would be pretty awesome. A few users seem downright convinced that FIFA 23 will be one of the free games for sure, though I've not seen anything to back that up.

The PlayStation Plus free games for June will be announced May 31, so feel free to get your guesses in now and see how on the money you were.

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