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PlayStation Plus free game is a 'beautiful', 'perfect' open world adventure

PlayStation Plus free game is a 'beautiful', 'perfect' open world adventure

Is one of PS Plus' latest games the best looking yet?

As each month passes by, the newly revised PlayStation Plus subscription service continues to evolve, offering players an endless stream of video game content.

The modern version of PlayStation Plus comes in three forms. PS Plus Essential, Extra and Premium. Each tier offers a variety of games, from just about every PlayStation era. PS Plus also offers a wide selection of third-party titles from publishers such as Ubisoft, and one such title is Far Cry 6.

Check out the Far Cry 6 gameplay below!

To be honest, Far Cry 6 isn't the most critically acclaimed entry in the series with its tried and tested formula perhaps wearing a little thin on its fanbase. On Metacritic, Far Cry 6 averages a score of around the mid-70s.

Regardless, even though the Far Cry formula might be wearing thin, it’s difficult to deny that the sixth mainline entry in the Ubisoft series isn't a looker and fans on Reddit have been discussing the open-world game describing it with words such as ‘beautiful’ and ‘perfect’.

“I recently completed Far Cry 6 over the weekend, after it became available on the PlayStation Plus Premium service a couple of weeks ago,” said Reddit user blndtigr, kicking off the discussion on the thread. “Well, to be precise, I completed the main questline of Far Cry 6, but with a game like this, I don't think anyone can truly say they've "defeated" it.”

Much of the Reddit thread was in agreement with blndtigr. “Far Cry 6 is perfect for me. Turn it on, headshot some dudes for a while and then go finish laundry or whatever. The story is a bonus but by the time I get back to a game I forget what's going on anyway,” said TheShakinBacon.

“I'm actually enjoying it. I was turned off by Far Cry 5 because of all the religious plot and Montana map, which weren't really my thing. This time, the map is beautiful (although a bit samey) but the story is nice,” replied eugebra.

However, it seems the rebellious degenerate_cross may not feel the same way. “The characters are very annoying. You go from liberating bases with human experimentation and piles of burned bodies to these cartoon idiots rapping and sending you to get a beer. It's hard to give a sh** about the story at all because we don't care about Dani [the protagonist),” they said.

In our review of Far Cry 6, we said that we: “really wanted Far Cry 6 to be more than the previous games. A shake-up of the formula accounted for the violence of its setting.

“You're leading a revolution, starting a vicious civil war between entrenched factions, this is something open world games can reflect so well as areas of its land change based on your actions. But, disappointingly, it not only does little with its premise but is a poor version of things Far Cry has done well in the past.”

In related news, the latest games for PS Plus July 2023 have recently dropped, offering 18 more titles to the ever-evolving library.

Far Cry 6 is out now for PC, PlayStation and Xbox.

Featured Image Credit: Sony/Ubisoft

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