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PlayStation Plus Finally Confirms Upgrade News We've Been Waiting For

PlayStation Plus Finally Confirms Upgrade News We've Been Waiting For

Sounds obvious, but it's good to know

The all-new PlayStation Plus subscription service is just weeks away, and Sony Interactive Entertainment is finally starting to better explain just how it'll all work.

Sony announced the long-rumoured PlayStation Plus overhaul last month, confirming a complete overhaul of the subscription service that involves new tiers and incentives to part with more of your money.

The long and short of it is that there are three tiers. Essential (£7), is PlayStation Plus as we know it. Extra (£11) is the classic service with a touch of spice: access to hundreds of free PS3, PS4, and PS5 games. If you've seen the PlayStation Now library, you'll have some idea of what to expect. Finally, Premium (£13.49) gets you all that, plus access to a number of currently undisclosed games from the original PlayStation and PlayStation 2 era.

Beyond the most basic details, Sony hasn't really done a great job of explaining exactly how the all-new PlayStation Plus is going to work for existing subscribers - those who want to stay on the lowest tier, and those looking to upgrade.

Fortunately the company has finally clarified some things that needed clarifying, thanks to the efforts of One More Game.

The first thing to note is that existing PlayStation Plus subscribers don't need to do anything. Your subscription will automatically convert to PS Plus Essential, which is the basic tier at the same price.

Those who want a little bit more out of their subscription will of course have the option to upgrade, and it'll actually be a little cheaper.

According to an email sent to One More Game by Sony, it's entirely possible to upgrade to PS Plus Extra or PS Plus Premium at any point during your Essential subscription “To do so, you’ll need to pay the difference between your current plan and your new plan, adjusted for the remaining time of your subscription."

What's less clear is where this leaves those subscribers who have stacked their subscription for years. Will they have to pay the difference on multiple years at once? We've reached out for further clarification.

There are a few other things Sony needs to make clear before many are willing to commit to this all-new PS Plus. Which classic PS1/PS2 games are we actually getting? Access to these older titles is obviously the big draw for the Premium tier, so Sony better share more soon if it hopes to win people over!

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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