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PlayStation 5 Designer Explains Why The Console Is So Damn Large

PlayStation 5 Designer Explains Why The Console Is So Damn Large

Size matters.

Ewan Moore

Ewan Moore

Now that we know what the PlayStation 5 looks like, it can't have escaped your attention that it's kind of a beast. Compared to the last few iterations of PlayStation - and Xbox - consoles, this particular bit of next-gen hardware could very well be the largest home console we've ever seen.

But who could begrudge the console a little extra timber? Especially when it's clearly packing some of the most advanced tech PlayStation has ever stuffed into a console. You probably won't be surprised to learn that's exactly why the PS5 needs to be so much bigger than its predecessor.

PlayStation 5 /

Matt MacLaurin, vice president of user experience design at PlayStation, has been chatting to people about the PS5 reveal on his LinkedIn page (thanks, VG247). MacLaurin isn't giving anything major away, but he did clear up the issue of why the console is such a heckin' chonker.

When asked by one user why the PS5 needs to be "bigger and bulkier" than the PS4, MacLaurin explained that it was to do with "thermals".

"This gen is little supercomputers," he said. "While the 7nm process delivers amazing heat performance for the power, the power is very extreme."

In other, easier to understand words; the PS5 is chock-full of super-powerful components that Sony needed to make sure wouldn't immediately overheat. You're probably all too aware of the fact that your PS4 can often sound like it's about to take off the the moon? That's because ventilation has been a problem for Sony this generation.

The new PlayStation logo
The new PlayStation logo

A larger console means greater ventilation, which also tracks with what we'd previously heard about Sony's solution to overheating on PS5. According to reports, Sony has put a lot of money into an "unusually expensive" cooling system for the next-gen console. A recently discovered patent also points towards the console utilising a "plurality of cooling fans".

All in all, it very much sounds like the PS5 will be a quieter gaming companion than the PS4. As someone who used to wake my wife up at 7am every Saturday whenever I tried to play Red Dead Redemption 2 on my PS4, I'm incredibly grateful for this.

As for the design of the console itself? MacLaurin defended it in the wake of the many, many memes poking fun at its appearance.

"I understand it's not for everyone, but no good art is," Maclaurin said. "Still, I think it's refined enough to tuck away quietly. The editions are going to be lit."

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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