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'Horizon Zero Dawn' Studio Seems To Be Planning An Announcement

'Horizon Zero Dawn' Studio Seems To Be Planning An Announcement

We'll happily take Horizon Zero Dawn 2 as a PS5 launch game.

Ewan Moore

Ewan Moore

It appears that Guerrilla Games, the studio behind 2017's outstanding PS4-exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn, is gearing up for an announcement of some kind by way of a new cinematic trailer. Could it finally be time to unveil the sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn that we're all desperately waiting for?

We can't say for sure what the studio is up to at this point, but we do know that Guerrilla Games' principal animator Darren Randall shared a few intriguing images (via Push Square) of the entrance and recording suites of the Stockholm branch of Goodbye Kansas Studios - a company who creates visual effects, digital animation and motion capture for movies, game trailers and commercials.

Interestingly, Randall's tweet appears to have since been deleted, which implies that he might well have shared something he wasn't supposed to.

Guerrilla Games

Goodbye Kansas is the same company that worked with CD Projekt RED on the E3 2019 cinematic trailer for Cyberpunk 2077, and have also produced similar trailers for the likes of Mass Effect: Andromeda and Overkill's The Walking Dead. I'm aware those last two games sucked, but that's not the fault of the CGI trailers - both of which were actually very cool.

Specifically, Randall shared images of the facility with the caption "we've come for your mocaps", which would imply that Guerrilla Games is likely working with Goodbye Kansas to prepare a CGI trailer of its own, but what it could it be for?

The most likely (and enticing) possibility is that Guerrilla Games is getting a cinematic announcement trailer ready for Horizon Zero Dawn 2. The fact his tweet was subsequently deleted certainly points to that possibility, in my humble opinion.

It's important to note that the sequel hasn't yet officially been confirmed to be in development, but Horizon Zero Dawn was such a hit that a follow-up is inevitable. Plus, back in April this year one of the first game's voice actors teased that she'd seen a script for the sequel, telling a fan that when they see it "they're gonna die".

Guerrilla Games

We can probably assume that Horizon Zero Dawn 2 is currently in development then, but we can only guess how deep into development the game currently is. The likelihood is that if Guerrilla Games really are working on a CGI trailer for the sequel, then there probably isn't much to show off in the way of gameplay at the moment.

It can also be assumed that if Horizon Zero Dawn 2 is in development, then it'll probably be released for the PS5, what with the PS4 nearing the end of its life (Sony recently confirmed the next generation of console hardware will be arriving at the end of 2020).

Speaking of the PS5, it can't be a coincidence that Guerilla Games is preparing something just as Sony starts to share more details on the upcoming console, can it?

Previous rumblings suggest that Sony will be holding a PS5 reveal event in February, which will likely feature a ton of exciting trailers for first and third party games planned for the new console.

Guerrilla Games

There's every chance that a cinematic reveal trailer of Horizon Zero Dawn 2 is the big ticket item that Sony is hoping will really get people excited for the launch of their new console, but for now we'll just have to wait and see.

Featured Image Credit: Guerrilla Games

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