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Horizon Zero Dawn meets Studio Ghibli in PlayStation hit officially coming to Xbox

Horizon Zero Dawn meets Studio Ghibli in PlayStation hit officially coming to Xbox

Previously exclusive to PlayStation, now coming to Xbox

A former PlayStation and PC exclusive is finally coming to Xbox and fans are thrilled they can finally experience this wonderful 3D adventure game.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits has been on PC and PlayStation since 2021 and for some time, Xbox fans have wanted the game to jump over to the Series X and Series S consoles. Now, according to an ESRB rating, it appears to be on its way.

Horizon Forbidden West is a stunning game that has to be experienced.

While there is no firm release date set, it usually follows pretty quickly after any ESRB rating so we should hopefully find out more soon.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits is an old-school 3D platformer that plays like those PlayStation 2 classics you remember fondly. You play as Kena who adventures alongside lovable companions to solve puzzles and mysteries throughout the world.

You can expect scraps with enemies, solving environmental puzzles, and plenty of collectibles. It feels like a love letter to the golden days of 3D platforming - an area not often explored nowadays.

It’s cute and lovely in all the right places, but it’s also a stunning game to look at. There’s a dreamy quality to the world that gives off Ghibli vibes using bright colours and soft, subtle character designs to create a gorgeous experience. The world is giving Horizon Zero Dawn through its design.

This is understandable when you find out that the developer, Ember Lab, was involved in animation before taking on a game as their next project.

If you’re looking for a short and joyous time, you’ll find it here. This is a game not overly stuffed with random tasks to fill out your play time, it’s a concise story that entertains consistently and never outstays its welcome.

Hopefully, we’ll find out much more about the jump to Xbox in the coming weeks with a released date for when Xbox gamers can get their hands on the game.

Featured Image Credit: EmberLabs

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