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PlayStation 'confirmed' God Of War star Kratos' first name and fans are losing it

PlayStation 'confirmed' God Of War star Kratos' first name and fans are losing it

PlayStation has 'confirmed' God of War star Kratos' first name and fans are losing it

In an unlikely turn of events, PlayStation has ‘confirmed’ the first name of God of War’s Spartan warrior Kratos. Safe to say, it’s not what any of us expected.

The big reveal comes after an unearthed Tweet from May 2022 posted by Keza MacDonald was found to be reposted by the official PlayStationUK account. In the post MacDonald expresses her frustration at being sent emails from “marketing people who clearly know nothing about video games”. She includes a snippet of an email sent to her which reveals God of War “follows the story of John Kratos as he delves into a fantasy world of dragons and monsters, all for the sake of his son”.

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Adding that she was “absolutely losing it at ‘John Kratos’”, MacDonald’s Tweet was noticed by PlayStation and the account reposted it saying “John Kratos is my head canon now. Also the World Serpent is Colin. Hope that's OK” before tagging the game’s developer Sony Santa Monica Studio. With the PlayStation account being UK based, we can assume naming the caterpillar-esque World Serpent Colin was no coincidence but rather a nod to Britain's favourite Colin the Caterpillar cake.

However, the creature possibly named after a cake isn’t the most hilarious thing here but rather the hulking figure of Kratos simply named John. As PlayStation adopts this as a ‘head-canon’ which refers to a fan created theory, we can assume that this name isn’t based in lore. However, with the developers seemingly not correcting the theory, we can go ahead with John.

Since God of War Ragnarök was released in November 2022, we are slowly coming up to its one-year anniversary. With fans desperate to know if we can expect a third instalment in the reboot series, Santa Monica has been keeping its card close to its chest. Last month saw an insider reveal that a Ragnarök expansion is in development, but without the news being confirmed we will have to take it with a pinch of salt.

For now, we will have to wait a bit longer to see John Kratos back in action.

Featured Image Credit: Santa Monica Studio

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